Wednesday, September 17, 2014

24 Hour Horror Film Fest, THE MASSACRE!

Movieside Presents:
The Massacre
24 Hours of Horror Movie Madness!

Oct. 18
Noon 'til Noon
Doors Open At 11am.
The Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL

Special Guests:
JIM WYNORSKI (Chopping Mall) &
DOUG MCKEOWN (Deadly Spawn)

Films include:
THE UNKNOWN (Silent Film with Live Organ by Jay Warren!)
BLACK CHRISTMAS (70's Masterpiece!)
TARGETS (Boris Karloff Rarity!)
CHOPPING MALL (director Jim Wynorski in Person!)
DEADLY SPAWN (director Doug McKeown in Person!)
CEMETERY MAN (Italian Insanity!)
TENEBRAE (Dario Argento Classic!)
EATEN ALIVE (Rare Tobe Hooper!)
THE FOG (Cult Classic!)
DAY OF THE DEAD (Romero Insanity!)

More films and guests to come!

SUSHI ATTACK! by RNB (1 min.)
RATBATSPIDER (Music Video) - Night Of The Sharksquatch (2 mins.)
SAVE THE LEAVES (Corresponding Handpieces - Music Video) by John Carmen (2 min. 30 secs.)
VIVIENNE by Herbivore Productions

Plus: Vendors, Prizes, Surprizes, Charity Auction For Vital Bridges ( and more.

Tickets available NOW through Brownpapertickets:

Tickets are also available at the following locations:
Alley Cat Comics (5304 N. Clark St.)
Laurie's Planet of Sound

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Free M.O'C RIOT FEST 2014 Posters!

Because I Love-
your very own FREE 11 by 17" M.O'C Riot Fest poster!
Just follow the link, download the image, and print away!

Who Wants to Look at More Cute Baby Photos?!! The Aiden Shane Bullitt Experience!

You won't be trapped on the couch while I position myself between you and the front door as I keep bringing out photo album after photo album forcing you to go through.
By simply posting them all in one place, if you ever get an urge to see how my newest child is much more adorable/lovable/handsome than any other child,
just keep checking back to this sure to be frequently updated blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kids Love Smoking …the New Pipe Pacifier!

Kids Love Smoking!
Well, at least the cool kids do (see below for proof)!
Who wouldn't want to emulate the suave sophistication and rugged manliness of a Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Steve McQueen
and that guy that lives in front of the 7-11?
I spent my childhood puffing away on candy cigarettes and blowing the imaginary smoke in the air from the side of my mouth, and now I want to pass that thrill on to the toddlers of the world, with the new ...Pipe Pacifier!
After giving this to the fruit of your loins, you'll instantly notice a new spring in his baby jumper, an extra devil may care swagger when he rolls over and a Dean Martin-like finger snapping rhythm when rocking in the cradle.
So just as soon as some big manufacturer gets behind this sure-fire money-making product, all the children of the world could look as hip as our youngster,
Aiden Shane Bullitt O'Connell!

DIY- while we're waiting for the Pipe Pacifier to be manufactured
by the millions with the blistered fingers of unpaid children overseas,
he's the secret to making your own!
a) Get miniature pipe, pacifier and glue.
b) Jam the stem of the pipe in one of the holes on the sides, then fill with glue.
You're welcome!

On a final note, kids, as we've seen, smoking is AWESOME,
but please, stay away from the pills!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kieran O'Connell Takes Over the Family Business!

Our North Park community is having a mural design competition to fill a 7 by 24' space. Today is the deadline for submissions, and young artist Kieran O'Connell has just made it under the wire with her piece entitled, "How I See."Kieran has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. I blame myself, since she saw me doodling away all the time, she must have thought that's what normal people do.To help her out on her quest to help beautify our hood, if you have any idea where all the North Park Art Center committee members live, please start picketing in front of their homes with "Vote for Kieran!" signs.
The winner gets a $1000 plus $500 to cover materials, but I guess the main perk is having your art on display. I've already insisted on free pizza if I'm stuck spending a long weekend helping to paint this 24 foot thing.
"Would anyone else like some pizza? Here's a paintbrush!"

She wanted to stay away from the "children of all races holding hands" type of vibe and went for a fun psychedelic Peter Max/Yellow Submarine vision of North Park. 
The winner will be announced on the 19th.
I mean Ms. O'Connell will be announced as the winner on the 19th.

Some of her career highlights-
THE Tura Satana with one of Kieran's portraits of her from the 2009
Tattoo Factory Gallery "TURA! TURA! TURA!" show!
Kieran making a sale of one of her Bettie Page illustrations at a gallery show
that the 3 of us (including Leo and me) did way back in  2008!

From Kieran's 2012 show at Cleveland's Kollective Gallery!

More from the Tura show!

With her piece at the 2010 "Art To Poop On" Show!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kirsten Easthope, The Queen of Klassy Kitsch Kreations!

Artist Kirsten Easthope, also known as QueenPin Deluxe, is the most beloved, creative, and talented pin-up artist around.
She's earned those extra accolades, because not only does she paint the sexiest females around, she takes it a few steps further, making the art even more striking by beautifully wrapping it on bowling pins (I made a pun)! As an extra bonus, she might get extra crafty (in the best way possible) by adding spangles, jewels, hangings, glitter and all bits of bonus decorations to make the pieces even more special.
She also has something else going for her that other artists don't ...her art is affordable! Forget paying millions for an overhyped Jeff Koons, or thousands for a Mitch O'Connell!  With Kirsten, you'll get art that's better at much less the "jacked up/full of themselves/nose up in the air" prices!
I've been in multiple gallery shows with Ms. Easthope, and the only annoying thing about her is that she raises the quality bar way too high for us other painters. Oh, make that TWO annoying things. By shows end she has that little red "sold" sticker by her art while I have to take my pieces back home.
Other than that, we get along.
But the main question you might be asking yourself is, "Why is a M.O'C taking the time to praise someone other than myself on his internationally popular blog"?
The answer is simple, add "generous" to her list of attributes!
The Mrs. and I we stunned to recently receive a box full of wonderful wedding and baby gifts from Kirsten and husband sexy Brad Gardner (First off, above, a new addition to our Jayne Mansfield themed bedroom)!
And I just wanted to rub my good fortune in everyones face!

To see more of what I'm talking about, visit...

Gifts for the clown themed babies room!
Aiden (and myself) are so excited that we now BOTH have full diapers!
One of THREE- our little Skittles immortalized as only 
Kirsten Easthope can!

Another of the trifecta of artistic wonderfulness, a portrait of the other O'Connell feline, Boo!

And for the Pièce de résistance, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top, little Aiden Shane Bullitt O'Connell as what is sure to be his chosen career, an ambassador of joy and love - Poopy the Clown!