Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sex Madness! Your Great Grandparents XXX Movies!

The newest acquisition to the M.O’C Museum of the weird and the wild is a little bit of adult movie history. It's stack of NSFW 5 by 5” original illustrations in the style of the old Tijuana Bibles created for a "smoker" in Dallas, Texas in the late 30s. Smokers were secret gatherings of horny gentleman that took place in theaters, brothels or other clandestine locations to ogle short stag films up until the 50s. Y’know, “The Kind Men Like”. I’m told these were specifically made for a gathering of movie theatre owners and drawn in mirror image so they could be projected onto the screen with an overhead projector. On the reverse of each is a naughty ‘French” postcard' from the first part of the century. I’ve also ‘flipped’ the art to save you trying to read everything backwards.

Let’s all go to the movies!